About Us


We promote real unity and cohesion in Nigeria, by decoupling policies that promote inter-ethnic division or hatred. As an Advocacy Tank, CSIC develops, evaluates and advances propriety or existing research to foster social and inter-ethnic cohesion. CSIC will engage the government to correct policies that promote regional, sectional, religious or ethnic superiority, since therein lies the precursor to disunity. Our strategy is not to antagonize the government, but to first bring to their attention policies and strategies that do not foster cohesion. Should the government fail to act, CSIC will advance research-based solutions through media and/or legal advocacy.



We stand for a strong and truly united Nigeria - not one that is united only in theory or geographical space. We desire a country whose laws provide an equal operating space for all ethnic groups. We desire a Nigeria where ethnicity or religion does not influence national or state policies. We strive to steer the minds of those in charge of statecraft in the right direction, to ensure only those with the most developed minds run the affairs of state. 


Centre for Social and Inter-Ethnic Cohesion (CSIC) was conceived in 2017 following a concert of developed minds in Port Harcourt, Rivers State. At the heart of CSIC's philosophy is multi-tribalism, as it serves as a template for inter-ethnic cohesion. Key founders of CSIC are from the Niger Delta, a region with an ancient and modern history of violent inter-tribal wars or skirmishes. The founders of CSIC thus possess a natural proclivity to multi-tribal and inter-ethnic interaction, being from noble families that have eradicated the philosophy of total conquest to that of multi-tribal engagement through dialogue and respect for the interests of others.  CSIC is committed to the eradication of ethnic superiority through the effective management of statecraft. CSIC understands that Nigeria can only prosper when tribal and ethnic groups within Nigeria's geographical space are truly united and cohesive. In the absence of social and inter-ethnic cohesion, Nigeria will continue to experience chaos as various ethnic groups jostle for dominance and influence.

Restructuring A Must

Nigeria must restructure to achieve inter-ethnic harmony and cohesion. Restructuring is the centre of gravity of CSIC's agenda. A restructured Nigeria will mark the beginning of a cohesive society.